Patron Membership

$95.00 / year

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Membership Information

Membership in the Pennsylvania Wine Society (PWS) is for one year from the month in which you join.  Memberships will auto-renew.  You will be notified by e-mail prior to the renewal and can make changes at that time.

Key Benefits of Membership

Membership in the PWS entitles you to:

  • Monthly newsletter: Wine Cellar
  • Exclusive access to website resources
  • Reduced fees for events
  • Priority seating at events
  • Voting for Board of Directors

Annual Dues

Membership is $40 for a Regular Membership, or $95 for a Patron Membership.  Membership dues vary depending on the type of membership you choose.  Patron Members receive extra discounts and priority consideration at events, but require a larger initial outlay.



Non-Members need not be associated with a Member to attend an event. Non-Members pay higher attendance fees and may sign up for events two months prior to the date of the event. Non-members are welcome to receive a one–time trial subscription to the Wine Cellar newsletter for three months at no cost.


To reserve a seat, complete a pay-online reservation on the PWS website Shoppe. The PWS reserves the right to change the roster of wines slated for an event.

If you have any concerns about membership or reservation processes, please contact the Treasurers via the “Contact Us” tab on this website.


Cancellations more than 1 week before an event or because you feel at risk due to inclement weather or infectious disease pandemic will receive a full refund or credit.  Cancellations less than 1 week before an event will receive a full refund or credit ONLY if replaced by another party.  Substitutions are permitted (nonmembers at nonmember fee). All ‘No Shows’ will be charged. Contact the Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, or the President to cancel.

Moderation and Liability

Your participation in all PWS activities is voluntary. You choose to attend a PWS event to learn more about wine.  The PWS advocates thoughtful moderation whenever you taste wine.  The PWS expects that you will bring your good judgment along to events and will exercise intelligent restraint when deciding which and how much of the wine you will taste at a PWS event.  No one under 21 years of age will be admitted to an event.  Each time you attend a PWS event, you are required to sign a release prior to the event.  The PWS is run by volunteers and is a not-for-profit corporation whose aim is to help members learn more about fine wine. Neither the Wine Society nor the volunteers accept any responsibility for any of your actions or outcomes, before, during, or after a PWS event.


PWS will not share your information, but will use it to communicate with you.  Include E-mails and Phones where it is acceptable to receive PWS communication.  Please inform PWS promptly when any of your contact information changes so we can reliably communicate. For questions call — Assistant Treasurer, Cathy Boyd at (630) 531-5848